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For example, to use the arrow. Workaround: Change the ownership on the.

Use iTools to make all your Server configurations easy.

When the ability to drag and drop tree widget nodes has been enabled, the UNIX tree widget does not recognize the upper left corner of the widget as a valid drop zone. This area typically extends over the icons of the first two nodes but not the labels. This is a vendor issue. You can drop items onto the first two nodes by moving the mouse cursor over the labels instead of the icons.

These protocol errors are completely harmless and can safely be ignored. The errors occur on systems that have installed a patch to the X server software that addresses a security vulnerability due to integer overflow when working with the dimensions of a pixmap during its creation. On Solaris systems, the patch is We assume that this patch will find its way into various Linux distributions as well. Since the patch fixes a security vulnerability and its impact on IDL is minor, we recommend leaving the patch installed.

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If you use the Solaris Java Desktop and click Yes to run the License Wizard at the end of the installation process, the Installation Complete dialog may be displayed without the License Wizard ever appearing. Running the License Wizard via the command displayed on the Installation Complete dialog will also fail.

Run IDL as the same user you ran the xinstall installation program as. In this case, remove the.

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But where iTools for Mac really shines is in its capacity to show what you have saved on your iPhone or iPad, to import and export content such as photos. iTools provides Mac OS X with enhanced and performance increasing tools for Supported Operating Systems: Mac OS X , , , ,

In some instances, focus can remain stuck on a window, despite subsequent window commands. For example, if you type these consecutive commands at the IDL command line:. The command locks up IDL because any attempt to click on the plot window, in order to tell ZOOM where to zoom, is thwarted because the window manager is swallowing the focus click. Workaround : Change the X11 start-up parameters. Do the following:. Quit X The new default will not take effect until after you restart X11, but it will persist from that point i. If you encounter an error that looks like:.

Enter the following command:.

If you run the ITTLicense application and enter a permanent, server-type license, you are presented with the option to have the license server start automatically at boot time. Selecting this option may fail silently. You will know that the operation failed because IDL's license server will not be running after you reboot your Macintosh. Run the ITTLicense application again. Note Visit www.

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If you create a Java application that incorporates both drawable and non-drawable IDL wrapper objects, instantiating the non-drawable object before the drawable object will cause a runtime error that looks something like: Exception in thread "main" java. To set the system environment variable: 1.

Open the Environment Variables control panel. Click OK.

Installation Program Failures: Error On some systems, the IDL installation program may exit with the following error: Error Workaround: Restart the IDL installer. Background: This error occurs when the Microsoft installer engine is older than the version required by the IDL installation package. Workaround: These protocol errors are completely harmless and can safely be ignored.

Background: The errors occur on systems that have installed a patch to the X server software that addresses a security vulnerability due to integer overflow when working with the dimensions of a pixmap during its creation. Click Exit to finish the installation process. Complete the licensing procedure. Do the following: 1. Open an X11 terminal window. Additionally, a UNIX user that is just interested in using a server suite that has the same interface like Apache will find iTools for Mac very useful too.

The program comes with an installation guide that assists you in setting up your server if you are a new user. For a start, you will be asked to provide an administrative password, a server URL, a username and a password and your system will restart during the installation. After the installation, you will have access to all the features including a remote server setting, mail configuration, FTP, Certificate management and every other important feature. Conclusively, iTools is a very effective software that many webmasters will find appealing especially Mac users that are using outdated Mac systems.

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