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Safari lets you purge data on a domain-by-domain basis:. The Manage Website Data area lets me delete locally stored data associated with a site, like cookies and databases.

Error code -36 - How to fix Mac Error Code 36

Note in step 4 that you may have to wait for a while for the data to load if you are a heavy browser user. I have to close the dialog and open it again, sometimes repeating that operation several times, before the list appears. Email yours to mac macworld. Click the Privacy button.

Solutions to fix error code 600 & optimize your Mac:

Open a Finder window and type, into the search box (top right hand I frequently encounter this error code as well. Follow the steps to fix error code and get the tricks to optimize your Mac. an application on your Mac, locate its icon the Applications folder from Finder.

Click Manage Website Data. I can bypass it somewhat by deleting individual items out of the trash, but I have a lot to delete and not that kind of time. So fixing this error would be amazing….

Steps to Fix iMac Error Code and Messages

Thank you for your work on this problem. Which version of EFI firmware is it running? Mac - MacOS Catalina So you should take the following instant measures to get rid of the error issue on your PC. Below that there are options to select a specific folder and options to remove.

I got an error today. I see that is not listed here. Any idea what that error code means and how do I fix it? Much thanks. You must log in to post a comment.

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Memory Mgr error. Check sInfo rec for more information.

List Of Mac OS X Error Codes

In this case, useless files will accumulate in the Library, and cause many issues and problems on the computer. So, preference file issue is a very general issue with the error , to fix error in this case, you should clean the associated preferences files, and restart the related program or feature to see if it can behave normally. Programs listed on the start-up items are all the applications that will launch automatically when booting up the system, invalid or useless start-up items on the list will cause the OS X cannot help you to activate the associated programs with success, so the error code will display to report this problem on the PC.

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In order to fix error with this problem, it is necessary to do a check for the list of log-in items, and delete the ones which haven't been used in currently, and it is also suggested to disable the ones which don't need to be launch automatically on Mac. Using the computer and surfing online usually creates a lot of junk files, the advanced OS X is also no exception.

So it should be a regular work for people to clean up the junk files on Mac, otherwise too much garbage staying on the computer will cause troublesome issue of running the application and system, which including the error So, to fix error , it is suggested to check the junk files on your Mac, and clean them completely.

Approaches can remove and fix error code 600 on Mac

If you don't want to take too much time to clean and optimize the Mac manually, taking an advanced optimize utility can replace you to to manage the start-up items and clean useless files, and you can finish the above fixing tasks very easily in a short time. More significantly, using such a genuine tool also can help you avoid the manual error on your computer.

MacSavior is an advanced Mac fix tool that allows you to fix the troublesome Mac issues automatically, and optimize the OS X in many aspects, which will be a good choice for you to complete the above manual fix steps quickly and avoid any possible manual error.

Mac hardware encountering a problem is a serious issue on the computer but not happen very frequently, if you unfortunately encounter this problem on your Mac, you will get a Kernel Panic, and the computer freeze-up, screen turning gray and other unexpected error like error displaying on the PC. To resolve the hardware issue and stop the associated errors on the computer, you should turn to fix the hardware well. Repairing the hardware on Mac is often a big task for many people, in this case, inviting a professional fixing utility or computer expert will be very needed.

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