How to setup vpn on mac os x lion server

Select which interface VPN or default interface of the client system that a client connects to each IP address and subnet mask over. Save Configuration Profile: Use this button to export configuration profiles to a file, which can then be distributed to client systems OS X using the profiles command, iOS using Apple Configurator or both using Profile Manager. PPTP runs over port Both are configured automatically when using Apple AirPorts as gateway devices.

Officially, the ports to forward are listed at http: The serveradmin command can start the service, using the default settings, with no further configuration being required: To configure existing users to use the service, click on Users in the Server app sidebar. At the list of users, click on a user and then click on the cog wheel icon, selecting Edit Access to Services. At the Service Access screen will be a list of services that could be hosted on the server; verify the checkbox for VPN is highlighted for the user.

Setting Up Client Computers As you can see, configuring the VPN service in Mountain Lion Server is a simple and straight-forward process — much easier than eating your cereal with a fork and doing your homework in the dark..

Configuring clients is as simple as importing the profile generated by the service. However, you can also configure clients manually. Then provide a name for the connection in the Service Name field and click on Create. At the list of network interfaces in the Network System Preference pane, provide the hostname or address of the server in the Server Address field and the username that will be connecting to the VPN service in the Account Name field.

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But much more information about using a VPN can be required. So rather than try to use the server as both, use a 3rd party firewall like most everyone else and then use the server as a VPN appliance. Hopefully it can do much more than just that to help justify the cost. Thank you for any suggestions and clarifications! Thanks, -Ron.

Previous Previous post: Next Next post: The service will be running already but we need to make two changes. First, we will need to change the subnet. It will default to Next, you can decide the range of IPs that you want to assign.


When Apple released Lion, they changed the setup a bit. By default, Lion Server VPN will distribute IP addresses in the same range the Mac itself uses. The Server app in Lion Server automates the configuration of a VPN service, but Export a VPN client configuration file for automating VPN setup of Mac OS X.

For instance, if you anticipate 50 users, you would use a range of fifty. At this point, disable the VPN Server, wait 20 seconds, and enable it again. Next, open up terminal so we can we can run one command.

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You'll be prompted for your admin password. This is the command: After that, your VPN server should be active and ready for connections. If you go back to your network settings, you'll see that the IP address has changed from what you originally set.

Also, you'll see that it's Both of these are correct changes. Don't alter them.

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Sometimes it takes a couple tries to rewrite the plist. This tutorial was done on a Mac mini with a clean install of the operating system.

Installing the Mountain Lion Server VPN Server

As you set it up, be sure it doesn't conflict with other services you may already have running. If you try to connect from behing an Apple router Airport Extreme or Airport Express it may report that the server is unreachable. Hoping this will be fixed with an AE firmeware update. First, it will be done in the Network Settings. Under Advanced, you'll be able to set for all traffic to be sent thru the VPN.

There are other settings as well so you can connect in a way that works best in your situation. This tutorial got a lot of help from Rusty Ross , a great consultant that works with some customers here at Macminicolo. Let us know if you'd like to be referred. If you have questions, you can find us on Twitter macminicolo.